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Warranties and extended Warranties for your car

Warranties and extended Warranties for your car

Warranties help ensure that the cost of maintenance and repairs of a vehicle is covered for a specific period of time. Extended warranty is being offered to owners who have run out of their warranty period. It is offered in addition to the normal warranty that comes with the purchase of a car. In both these cases, there are contracts between the service provider and the vehicle owner for a specified period of time.

Repairing and maintenance cost for automobiles can be quite high. In order to make things easier for the car owner, extended warranties were introduced. The holder of an extended warranty has certain maintenance and repair costs covered for them for a pre-decided specified period of time. This time period varies depending on the contractor package chosen by the car owner. Warranties are a must for all vehicles. It is up to the owner to decide if there would like to purchase and invest in an extended warranty.   Similar to your manufacturer’s warranties, the extended warranties will reduce the financial burden.

Here are a few things that one can keep in mind while deciding whether to invest in an extended warranty. The first step is to figure out if your car truly needs an extended warranty. Not all the vehicles need extended warranties to help with the repair costs. Car dealerships or warranty providers will try to convince you that an extended warranty is a must and that you must invest in it for the benefit of your car. Before deciding to purchase an extended warranty it is advisable for car owners to ask other dealerships and the car manufacturer on whether your car needs an extended warranty. Also, keep in mind that extended warranties are only beneficial once the manufacturer’s warranty time period gets over.  Therefore, it is not required to purchase an extended warranty while the manufacturer’s warranty is still active and covering expenses.

The next step is to choose the dealership wisely. You can ask your neighbors, friends and also consult with online review websites. Do research on the different packages of services offered by various dealerships before finalizing on one. Compare prices and the skills of the technicians from the dealership.

Finally before purchasing an extended warranty take a minute to consider if purchasing a new car would cost less in the long run than purchasing an extended warranty for your current car.