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Tips for safe driving

Tips for safe driving

Your safety must always be the first priority when you are driving. Whether you are a first time driver or someone who has been driving for years, there are few pointers that must be kept in mind while driving. These should become part of the driving routine. These are tips that we are all already aware of. However, it is never wrong to refresh.

  1. Focus on the road: It is the first thing we learn when we begin to learn driving. We must always keep our eyes on the road. The important thing is to not lose focus. In today’s fast running world, there are many devices that help us retain our attention while doing something else. For example, taking a call. Even in situations like this, we should not take any calls that would disrupt our driving in any way.
  2. Be aware: Accidents do not always occur because we are the ones at fault. It could be someone else’s mistake. And improper driving could lead to accidents that result in perilous injuries. Therefore, always be highly alert of the vehicles around you. Do not expect that the other driver will do the right thing. But rather, take precautions. Maintain a two second buffer between your vehicle and the ones around you. And always slow down while driving in the city.
  3. Practice planning: While going for a drive or planning for a road trip, include safety planning as part of your routine. Include proper breaks, switching of drivers at regular intervals, rest stops, meals and also messages and phone calls. The last two will help people know where you are in case of an emergency. Similarly, also include things that are to be done before leaving for the trip. Two important pre-trip safety measure is to get your vehicle checked at an auto repair shop to make sure that all the systems are functioning and good to go for a trip. And to check the weather conditions in the route that you will be travelling in.
  4. Follow the basics: While driving, we often take lightly the most obvious rules. This should be avoided. Wear the seatbelt, lock your doors and check the mirrors. A crucial safety practice is to always keep an emergency tool kit in your car. With these safety measures taken, driving will become a smoother process for all the passengers in the vehicle.