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Services Similar to Carfax

Services Similar to Carfax

If you plan to buy a used car, it’s likely that you’ll ask for a Carfax report to research the car’s vehicle history. 

While Carfax is the top contender for these services, there are several Carfax alternatives to choose from. They can give you all the vehicle information you need to make an informed decision for cheaper prices.

Follow our guide to learn about different sites that offer similar services and benefits.

What Is Carfax?

Carfax is an online service that allows customers who are buying a used vehicle to check its history. You can gain access to a vehicle history report with a free Carfax VIN check.

This report provides the vehicle’s information and history from the first time it was bought. The report includes accident data, service history, type of use, and ownership history. 

Here’s the catch: a free Carfax report will only tell you the car model (which you already know) before you buy one report for $39.99 or five reports for $59.99. 

There are similar Carfax sites that will tell you more for free and will charge less for vehicle reports. 

Carfax Alternatives

Here are 5 websites you can use to get free and full vehicle reports before purchasing a used car for lower prices.


It’s likely that Autocheck is the other car report service you’re familiar with. It offers cheaper vehicle history reports than Carfax. To find your vehicle of choice, you simply insert the Search by vehicle identification number (VIN) or US license plate.

A free vehicle report will show you the model, engine, and country of origin. For $24.99, you can purchase a single report and $49.99 for 25 reports for 21 days.

One interesting feature of Autocheck is that it gives each car a numerical score to demonstrate how the vehicle compares to other available cars in its class. It tells you if a car is reliable and minimizes any risks associated with it. This helps potential buyers to eliminate any vehicles with high mileage, serious damages, and even repossessions. 

An advantage Autocheck has over Carfax is its mobile application. You can access this information on your iOS and Android devices. You simply scan the VIN and the app will instantly create an Autocheck score. It also has Buyback protection, which protects buyers from unreported title brands. 

Learn more about Autocheck services.

Driving Tests

Driving tests offers a VIN decoder and lookup for free. On your report, it will give you plenty of information. Once you insert the VIN number, the report will give you an image of the vehicle and general information on accident data, the last selling price of the car, sales records, mileage, and most recent complaints of the vehicle.  

This information comes from the official government database. This means that any complaints recorded come from owners who own the same model of car, not from the vehicle you are interested in.

Driving tests also offer DMV practice tests to help you pass and get your driver’s license.

Driving Tests is straightforward and gives you enough free information to make an informed decision. 

Visit Driving Tests for more information.


EpicVIN is a national database that aims to protect consumers from fraud and stolen vehicles. It provides users with complete and accurate vehicle information. 

You can get a full vehicle history report for $16.99, four reports for $28.17, and 16 reports for $86.34.

The full vehicle report will reveal past odometer readings, hidden or undisclosed damages, previous owners, technical data, photos of previous sales, and if the car has ever been registered as stolen. 

Similar to Autochceck, EpinVin offers a free VIN check that includes a free odometer reading with the addition of a free flood check for flood-damaged vehicles.

Learn more about EpicVIN services.


In addition to its VIN token program and smart car features and VINchain app, Vinchain provides comprehensive vehicle history reports with data that is fraud-proof and verified by blockchain technology. 

It stands out from the rest by providing worldwide vehicle information. Because the data is blockchain-based, it guarantees that the information will not be inaccurate, deleted, or changed. 

When you insert a car’s VIN, Vinchain’s report will show you a 3D view of the vehicle, the number of owners, odometer problems, safety recalls, accident reports, auction sale reports, a detailed breakdown of past damages to the vehicle, market price analysis and more. 

Visit Vinchain to learn more about its services.


Vingurus is similar to the rest of these websites. It offers a free Vin decoder to get up-to-date and reliable information about cars.

A full vehicle report by Vingurus shows ownership history, odometer check, safety recalls, insurance records, stolen vehicle check, major state title brand check, and more.

The data comes from road administrations, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, inspection sites, and car dealers all over the United States.

You can get 1 car report for just $14.99, four reports for $25.15, and 16 reports for $86.34.

Visit Vingurus to learn more.

Get Your Car Report 

This is our comprehensive list of alternatives to Carfax that you can choose from. If you’re still not sure about which to choose, check out the consumer reviews and vehicle history partners. 

Before you decide to buy a used car, ask the seller for the VIN and use any one of these services to check VIN for free before purchasing a full vehicle history report. This will save you money, time, and any problems with buying a used car.