Home Auto Tech Motorcycle Tire: All you Need to Know to Choose and Maintain Them

Motorcycle Tire: All you Need to Know to Choose and Maintain Them

Motorcycle Tire: All you Need to Know to Choose and Maintain Them

Making the best choice of tires is to guarantee its safety. Depending on the two-wheeler and its way of driving, travelling on the road, driving sports or off-road, it will adjust the tires.

Which Motorcycle Tire to Choose?

The Importance of Choosing Motorcycle Tires: The Big Families

  • The road tire (or touring) is the most common as well Tires for your motorcycle can be found on onlinecarparts.co.uk. Renowned for its longevity, it guarantees progressiveness and comfort. Its heating time is optimal for city and highway use. Its rubber is harder on the tread, its carcass dampens shocks. The design of the motorcycle road tire allows to evacuate the water.
  • The sport bike tire is appreciated for its good grip, maneuverability and liveliness; all the qualities required for sporty driving on the road. Its design allows rapid changes of trajectory. More pointed, with a sparse sculpture, the sport tire quickly rises in temperature.
  • Motorcycle track or slick tire tires have an excellent grip especially when taking corner. With very few designs, these tires fit the sports bike are smooth on the edges and wear so quickly. They heat and cool very quickly.
  • The very handy motorcycle cross-trail tire favors the diversity of terrain; it is ideal for the off road.

 The Different Indications of a Motorcycle Tire

To choose tires, it is important to decipher the information and respect the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can buy them from onlinecarparts.co.uk.

Before buying a Tire, Pay Attention to the Different References that can be Found there:

  • The name of the manufacturer: Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Metzeler, Continental, Goodyear, etc…
  • The model of tire and the type: Tubeless TL, thus without inner tube or tubetype TT with tube.
  • The reference with the dimensions (width, size).
  • The inside diameter of the motorcycle tire or scooter tire – expressed in inches and the same dimension as the rim.

The Importance of the Motorcycle tire Profile

Like all motorcycle equipment, the choice of tires depends on their driving. All-season road tires are generally considerate and have a round profile. Sports tires or certain summer tires facilitate the engagement when setting on the angle and have a triangular, pointed or V profile.

How to Properly Maintain your Motorcycle tires?

Tire Break-In

  • A new tire is a slipping tire. It will take a while for the tire to break in. This break-in period is very important and depends on the type of tire, the pipe and the tire marks.
  • When fitting new tires, care must be taken to balance the tire to eliminate vibrations and distribute the weight on the rim.
  • A motorcycle or scooter tire can start to run after 50 or 200 kilometers.
  • The break-in will gradually eliminate paraffin present on the surface of the tire and will allow to wedge the tire on the rim so as to optimize the grip and stability.
  • To break a tire, take a gentle ride.
  • Accelerate the first kilometers in moderation, and a good stopping distance is recommended because the rear wheel can shiver on dry ground, but especially if the road is slippery and the bitumen wet.

What is the Ideal Pressure for Motorcycle Tires?

  • Too low tire pressure means over-consumption of energy and accelerated tire wear. But above all it no longer guarantees road holding.
  • It is therefore crucial to follow the instructions to inflate all tires (front rear): between 1.9 and 2.5 bar for a front tire, and between 2.5 and 2.9 for a rear tire.
  • Remember to check the pressure regularly and when the tire is cold (tire that has not driven for more than 2 hours or has traveled less than 3 km at moderate speed).
  • If it is hot, then subtract 0.3 bar during inflation. Tips: If anything gets stuck in your tire, do not remove it, otherwise it will accelerate the puncture.

How to Measure Motorcycle Tire Wear and When to Change Them?

  • For your safety, a tire should be checked regularly. A tire in good condition has a clean surface, it must not be cracked or deformed.
  • The wear is easily noticed thanks to the witnesses: a driving on road and highway will first use the tread.
  • Repeated turns will tend to leave the sides worn. The depth limit of the tread pattern of a motorcycle tire must not be less than 1 mm and 1.6 mm for scooter tires.
  • If the furrows are smooth, it’s time to change the tires.
  • The tire is the only contact between the rider and the ground: a smooth tire is dangerous and represents a violation of the rules of the road, as well as if you do not have the obligatory equipment on a motorcycle