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Learn about Transmission

Learn about Transmission

Automobiles have parts that are short-lived. Most Vehicle parts live up to three to five years and then become obsolete. But in order to extend the life of the car parts, it is important to maintain them well.

One of the crucial systems in a vehicle is the transmission. The transmission is the power system that helps your vehicle generate power and distribute it evenly to the rest of the vehicle. It controls the application of the power to your vehicle. The power generated is sent to the vehicles of your car to ensure that you have control over the vehicle and the speed of driving. The Transmission system is a powerhouse that controls all the key parts that are required for your vehicle to run effectively while also ensuring your safety.

There are two types of transmission – a. Manual Transmission and b. Automatic Transmission.  This defines whether your car is an automatic or a manual vehicle.

A manual transmission is a system where the driver of a vehicle uses a stick to change gears. Because of this, it is also popularly known as a stick-shift. In modern cars, the stick for manual transmission is mounted on the center of the console of a vehicle. It is connected via a linkage. The driver controls the clutch in order to move the vehicle. Manual Transmission cars are harder to learn to operate.

Once considered a luxury in the automobile industry, the automatic transmission is found most commonly in the generation of vehicles operated today. In an automatic transmission, the gears of the vehicle shift automatically. Because it was considered a luxury, these cars used to be very expensive. However, it has become a norm now and semi-automatic and fully automatic cars can be easily found in modern households.

Automatic transmissions come in two types. In these two types, a traditional automatic is connected to the engine through a hydraulic torque converter and a dual clutch. Both of these can change gears automatically without the aid of the driver. In most automatic cars today, the gears are selected by manually via the shift lever or the paddle behind the steering wheel.

Transmissions have evolved over time. Earlier there were only three-speed manual transmissions and four-speed automatic transmissions. Today, there are six-speed manual transmissions and seven-speed automatic transmissions are the norm. The only exceptions are some high-end sports cars that offer seven gears.