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How to earn quick cash for cars?

How to earn quick cash for cars?

Do you know you can earn plenty of dollars if you sell cars for cash? Don’t be surprised. Your damaged car is still worth plenty. A little research on the market and you will know how much buyers are willing to pay for it. Once you have basic knowledge, you can then be sure of getting maximum cash for your car.

Prepare your car

Remove usable parts

If your junk car is fully damaged, then you can scrap it straightaway. However, if you see a few working parts such as alternator, tires, etc, then sell them separately to earn more. 

Get your car valued

See if you can get an estimate for your car. You can visit websites that provide you free quotes. All they will ask for is a little description about your car. Once you know your car’s value, you can set up your selling price accordingly. 

Get your documents ready

You need to be well prepared before you meet the junk car buyer. This would include getting all your documents ready such as the title, warrantee, service records, etc. 

Remove your personal belongings

Check if you have left your personal items in your car. You won’t get them back once you have sold it to the junk car buyer. Look for your belongings in the glove compartment, back of the set, central console and beneath the seats. You never know if you have kept important documents, watch or something precious in your car. It’s worth the effort. 

Check authority guidelines

Make sure you have cross checked the authority guidelines to sell cars for cash. Sometimes, proving proof of ownership is a must to sell a car. Also, you need to inform the local department of motor vehicle and ask them to cancel your registration. They note down your sale number in case of any enquiry in future.

Evaluate the offers

Contact local junk car buyers

Start with the ones near your home. You can visit them personally and explore the market rates. The other option is to go online. Set up an account, add some description and add quality photos. Interested buyers will then contact you with their offers. 

Communicate clearly

Make sure to ask the junk car buyer to provide all the terms and conditions of the sale before-hand. This will help you plan the negotiation better. 

Weight your options

Don’t rush to sell cars for cash. Wait and evaluate the offers. Match them against the market prices. Proceed only when you are completely sure about the credibility of the junk car buyer. This way, you will be able to get maximum cash for cars. 

Transfer your car

Drive your car to the shop

If your car is still in running condition and there is some fuel remaining, then you can drive your car all the way to the buyer’s shop. 

Get your car towed

If you don’t want to put much effort or your car is not in running condition, you can ask the buyer to tow away your car. Some buyers do it for free while some charge a basic amount. Try to get the pick-up as a complimentary service from the buyer. 

Get your registration canceled

Once you have sold your car to the junk car buyer, make sure to inform the local department of motor vehicle about the sale. Ask them to cancel your registration so that you don’t have any pending liabilities in future. Also, contact your insurance company and ask them to stop your premiums.