Home Auto Parts Does Spring Compressor save your day?

Does Spring Compressor save your day?

Does Spring Compressor save your day?

People often wonder what exactly a spring compressor does. Here we begin with our guide. 

A spring compressor is exactly what it sounds like. Spring is a component of a vehicle’s suspension system that absorbs shock and keeps the tires on the road. These springs will need to be changed as they wear out over time. 

The springs, however, are still very strong and must be compressed before being pulled out, even if they are worn out. 

Spring compressors are an essential piece of equipment for anyone who owns a vehicle. Compressors are used to replace strut cartridges and assemble other components, as the name implies.

 You can simply compress your car’s door springs by using this piece of equipment. As a result, owning a spring compressor will make replacing parts and doing car repairs much simpler. A good spring compressor should have the following qualities:

1. A strong compressor ensures your safety

Safety is one of the most crucial aspects. A flimsy compressor composed of cheap materials would be unable to handle the pressure. This could end up at collisions, resulting in vehicle damage and, more significantly, injury to a person.

The compressor should be made of strong material. It must be durable and able to withstand a lot of pressure and last for a long time. Steel is your best option. That’s where the Spring Compressor at Sydney Tools comes in.

A spring compressor composed of low-cost materials would not be capable of handling difficult jobs. However, depending on the task, you may not need to purchase such a costly spring compressor. 

Even yet, if you want a strong, powerful, and versatile option, you’ll need to set aside some cash. You’ll get good results if you use a good compressor. 

2. Check the main features

When purchasing any type of equipment, there are a few features that you should consider such as the product’s safety, simplicity, or ease of use. These characteristics will make it easier for you to operate spring compressors.

Look into the spare parts as well. The spare parts for the majority of the goods are somewhat expensive. However, if you buy a spring compressor that comes with extra spare parts, you’ll save money and avoid any future worries regarding components replacement. 

How can I install a spring compressor? 

  • Place the vehicle on car stands after jacking up the front end.
  • Both front wheels should be removed.
  • Remove the upper strut assemblies from the vehicle.
  • On both sides, wrap the new spring around the strut.

What does “No Spring Compressor Method” mean?

You can disassemble your shock assembly without needing a spring compressor tool if you use the No Spring Compressor Method. Between the upper and lower perches, which are attached to the shock, there is a spring that is squeezed by a shock.

After that, you can install a pre-assembled coil-over. You won’t have to worry about the compressed spring releasing energy. You’ll either need spring compressors or the No Spring Compressor Method if you need to disassemble the shock and spring.


The No Spring Compressor Method is now complete, and in my opinion, it is the safest approach to conduct shock assembly disassembly and reassembly at home. Overall, a shop tackles this type of job but if that isn’t an option, this one works great.