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Car Tech Gadgets That Will Make Your Old Car Look Cool

Car Tech Gadgets That Will Make Your Old Car Look Cool

With the recent advancement in car tech, you will not believe the type of gadgets you will see out there that will wow you. There are just too many of them that will make your rides not only very enjoyable but comfortable and safe. The most interesting thing is that, you will not need to purchase a new car to use all these stuffs. They will still go perfectly well with your old car. They are just so compatible with even very old cars. Most recent innovations will work well with cars made in the 1980s. From the wheels of the car to the roof, there are just amazing things that will not seize to please you. Here are some of the gadgets that will make your old car smart.

Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit W 1.44 inch Display

This is one of the best rated Bluetooth FM Transmitter, rated almost 5 stars by thousands of users. This is one of the bestselling radio transmitters and you should get this for your car. This device is very compatible with most devices like Samsung, Apple, Sony, etc. due to its latest innovative tech. playing your songs in the sound of your car through Bluetooth, TF Card, and Aux Cable will never be more enjoyable. It has an advance noise reduction that will clean all that distorted sound and make your favorite songs sound real and true. Be sure the sound will be of high quality and crystal clear.

Fabo Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

You do not need to kneel on the ground crawl to check or monitor your tires again. A lot f times we get stranded somewhere due to flat tires because we did not check them before going out due to some laziness or it has become a habit and we do not even check them at all since tires are one of those parts in cars that a lot of people neglect. That problem has been taken car of. The Bluetooth-enabled sensors attached to your tires’ inlet valves, pinging your phone when you need to fill some air. Through the app of the gadget. You will be able to monitor the pressure of your tires 24/7.

Esky Waterproof Car Rear View Backup Camera

This in one of the bestselling backup camera that you can installed behind your car on the number plate or back window with a lot of users reporting that it can withstand months of rain, and with an amazing one hundred and seventy degrees field of visibility behind your car. No more hitting of objects or stuffs when reversing or bumping suddenly into someone behind.  With this camera you are able to monitor everything that happens behind your car. It is streamed to your cars media and has a high resolution.

Hudway Cast Heads-Up Display

Every time you are trying to throw a glance on your phone to view the direction distracts you and can easily land you in trouble. The reason many latest cars are equipped with cameras is to avoid such incidents like accidents due to distraction or impaired vision. What if our old car does not have that? You do not need to bother about that. This new car tech device is equipped with the latest heads-up display that projects directions safely in your vision. Hudway Cast HUD is here for you if you want to enjoy these features in your old ride. It can be mounted in any car and streams the screen of your smart phone paired wirelessly through Miracast or Airplay, so that you can use your go-to GPS app without necessary taking off your eyes off the road.

Mpow Car Phone Mount

It is sometimes very difficult handling a phone while driving. The distraction of having to fish it out from somewhere you do not seem to figure out can be very fatal and may lead to serious accidents. This is one of the top rated car mount for you can also get for phones. This will make receiving calls an easy thing to do while not driving steadily. It is equipped with two cushioned side grips to keep your electronic devices safe and secure.

The Anker Quick Charge 4-Port USB Car Charger.

This charger will charge your phone four times the normal charger and is equipped with the USB Type-C port for google pixel users. It has three USB ports that will ensure you to charge all your phones at once. But if you need a USB charger with less ports, check this one below

Garmin High Speed Multi-Charger

So here you are if you just need two USB ports to rapidly charge your devices at high speed. It features a 12-volt pot on the end, so you can hook in your GPS.

iDOBBI Car Air Purifier

Do you have pets but have problems with their smell and fur all around the whole place, who worried about the bacteria and all of that, well iDOBBI is here for you. It will not only neutralize all the airborne contaminants in your car but it will freshen the air and make the air inside your car quite breathable. It will neutraliize the dust, gross smells and even sweat to leave your car fresh.