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Best Car Tech of Today

Best Car Tech of Today

There is a lot of useful and cools stuff to make our drive more enjoyable with all the technology making its way into our cars. Of course, it’s good to have a limited amount of tech between you and the road in order to achieve an enjoying driving experience, but all the pieces of technology mentioned ahead are there to take care of your ultimate safety and comfort.


Of course, safety comes first.  Exterior cameras have become a requirement in the US from the first of May this year, and the rest of the world will surely follow. This means that you will get at least one with a purchase of your new car, whether you like it or not. And there’s no reason to dislike a feature that makes maneuvering much safer and parking a lot easier.

When you’re cruising down the crowded highway, sometimes it may be hard to keep your speed and distance under control. While old-style cruise control only maintained constant preset speed, a radar-based one is more intuitive and it will adjust your speed accordingly to maintain a set distance.

If you prefer automatic transmission you know that there is always a problem of jerky movement, especially when the road is full of nervous people who can hardly wait to press the gas. With dual-clutch transmissions your lighting will be quick and shifts seamless, making these jerky movements the thing of the past.

If you plan to stay safe inside your care you need to keep your eyes on the road in order to be aware of what’s going on around you. That’s easier said than done since there is a huge amount of other things competing for your attention inside the car. But you can project all of the key data of your vehicle into your line of sight using Heads Up Display. Newer models are customizable so you can choose the info you want to see.

Now that you’re able to see the vital info and the road, the last thing you need to take care of is your blind spots. If you’re driving long, big car these blindspots will be more difficult to see. That doesn’t mean you need to have the sixth sense to know when other cars and objects are in your blind spots – you can simply let the blind spot monitoring sense it for you. This intuitive and clever technology is clearly one of the best driver-assistance features. Anyone creeping into your blind spots will be detected with its little radar sensor immediately.

Keep in mind that having these safety gadgets doesn’t mean your car won’t need maintenance. It also doesn’t mean you need to check them every five minutes wherever you go. You should have a reliable mechanic that works under the well-known motto of Padstow Car Service – one stop that provides you with honesty, reliability, and value.


This will be much quicker. You have already heard about heating and massaging seats, even the heating wheel. What you probably didn’t hear about, and you should if you love Mercedes-Benz convertibles, is their AirScarf. It is cozy as it sounds – it is practically a heater vent designed to blow on your neck, allowing you to enjoy your convertible ride even on chilly weather.

Climbing up on the luxury ladder, we arrive at the Rolls-Royce’s self-closing doors. Simply owning a Rolls makes you feel special, but this feature will make you stand out from all the ‛peasants’ who close their own suicide doors. If you want to avoid uncivilized slamming and don’t own the Rolls, simply find the BMW or Bentley that have soft-close doors – yours is just to gently shut and electronics will take care of the rest.

Now, not being pummeled on three sides by the sun in your passenger seat is not a luxury, but a requirement.  If you wanted to be exposed to the unendurable brightness and heat you would go on foot. And all you need to fix this issue are power sunshades. If you own a Mercedes you can go an extra mile with its Magic Sky Control. This somewhat silly name does contain something close to wizardry – it’ an electrochromic glass panel which allows you to darken or lighten your cabin at will, altering the admitted amount of heat and brightness.

This is the optimal amount of tech that can stand between you and the road, comprised of high-quality features that guarantee perfect safety and just enough comfort to make you warm but not hot, provide the perfect shade, and eliminate the slamming noise.