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6 Reasons You Should Consider Brake Kits Before Your Next Offroading Trip

6 Reasons You Should Consider Brake Kits Before Your Next Offroading Trip

Prepping for your next off-road trip? No doubt you’re checking your gear and supplies: winch, cabling, tires, food, beverages, camping gear and so on. But what about your brakes? You need dependable stopping power on the trails. This quick guide to brake kits online shows why a brake upgrade before your trip is a wise idea.

Better Than Stock Parts

As you know, OEM part quality can vary. That’s not to say that stock parts are suspect, but you may want to consider upgrades. After all, automakers build vehicles to match the needs of most on-road drivers. And those drivers don’t face the rigors that you do while off-roading. Aftermarket brake kits offer many upgrade options, letting you choose parts that meet your performance requirements.

New Pads and Rotors

With most vehicles, you don’t need to replace brake pads and rotors at the same time – provided that your rotors are in good condition. The key thing is paying attention to rotor thickness. Depending on your vehicle’s manufacturer, your original stock rotors may be thinner and lighter to reduce vehicle weight. The downside: They don’t last as long. By swapping pads and rotors, you boost your brakes’ performance. You also won’t need new rotors right after returning from your trip.

Longer-Lasting Brake Pads

Your vehicle’s brakes generate a lot of friction– and that also generates heat. Over time, that heat reduces stopping power and causes brake fade. Carbon fiber ceramic formula pads withstand higher temperatures than semi-metallic versions used in the average commuter vehicle. Look for performance brake kits like the Powerstop Z23 with carbon-fiber ceramic pads.

Reduced Brake Dust

You probably know that brake dust comes from your rotors’ grinding against the pads. If not cleaned regularly, that dust corrodes the clear coating on your rims. And you end up replacing those rims sooner than you’d like. Performance brake pads generate less dust – and less wear on your wheels.

Improved Stopping Power

As an off-roading enthusiast, you know about common trail hazards. Depending on where you travel, you may encounter boulders, logs, tree roots or other obstacles. A brake replacement swaps out worn parts, improving your stopping power. And the sooner you can stop, the sooner you can prevent serious damage to key areas such as your undercarriage, rims and tires.

Upgraded Calipers

As you know, brake calipers act like clamps to grab each rotor when stopping. Although stock calipers can last a long time, upgrading yours may make sense if you regularly go off-road. Performance brake kits’ calipers may include more pistons for improved gripping force – helpful when you need enhanced stopping power on trails.

Equipping your vehicle for an off-roading trip means prepping for the rigors of your terrain. Besides the usual gear, performance brake kits for trucks offer several great advantages for off-roading. But no matter what type of kit you buy, be sure to get it from a reputable dealer. Choose an auto parts retailer with an extensive selection of performance parts and upgrades for off-roading.