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10 Ways to Recycle Your Household Things

10 Ways to Recycle Your Household Things

Recycling household items is a creative and impressive method to reclaim your resources. Remember, it is a fun and productive method to recycle your household items. It will help you to decrease your carbon footprint.

You can recycle your small household items to reuse them. For major items, such as car recycling, special services are available. Feel free to recycle your junk vehicle to get cash and save money on taxes.

Automotive recycling is suitable for your environment. This procedure can be overwhelming because you will get numerous options. For your assistance, here are ten ways to recycle your household things.

  1. Cans, Containers and Glass Jars

Metal and glass are easy to recycle. You can reuse them by cutting down extra waste and packaging. Feel free to create containers for pantry items with old coffee canisters and glass jars.

You can use different methods to recycle mason jars. These jars will be ideal for preserving food. Beer bottles can be converted into drinking glasses.

  1. Plastic Soda Bottles and Gallon Jugs

Plastic bottles and jugs are suitable to turn into household items, such as plastic broom made of bottles. Old bottles of soda can become bird feeders, dustpans, shoe cubbies, and food bins.

Feel free to create a charging station for your mobile or design seed pots for self-watering. Use a thoroughly cleaned bottle of dish soap to dole out pancake batter. You can use this bottle to drizzle batter on a hot griddle. Feel free to use this bottle to water your plants.

  1. Egg Cartons

Well-cleaned egg cartons made of Styrofoam are great to freeze each portion of meatballs, dough batter and patties made of herb butter. These cartons are suitable Jell-O molds to create fun treats.

You can use them to start seedlings for the garden. Feel free to use them to organize or store golf balls. These cartons are convenient for bake and garage sales.

  1. Paper, Magazines and Newspaper Bags

There are lots of methods to recycle these papers. You can create beautiful trays and woven baskets with newspapers and magazines. Use magazines, grocery bags, and newspapers as wrapping papers.

Old calendar pages are useful to create DIY envelopes. If you are ambitious, you can use paper bags to make wood-like flooring.

  1. Beddings, Towels, and Clothes

You must not toss out old bedding, clothes, and towels. Feel free to cut these things up to create washable rags for cleaning. Moreover, you can turn torn t-shirts into braided rugs. Use your sewing skills and turn old flatteries into reusable rags.

  1. Floor Tiles

With the help of idle remnant tiles, you can create beautiful mosaic art. Feel free to buy decorative floor tiles from the home-improvement store. Break these tiles carefully into small pieces with the use of a cloth bag. Arrange these pieces into a pattern on a solid surface.

Carefully stick to with floor-tile glue and utilize one putty knife to shove grout away with one moist cloth before setting it. Feel free to create one mosaic table or use large tiles to renew an old tabletop. For trivets, you can use small tiles.

  1. Laundry Waste

Avoid tossing out old sheets of the dryer because you can use them as dust rags. These will help you to suck up pet hair. You can use them to scrub off scum of soap and polish chrome. Feel free to convert them into a dress if you are determined.

Make sure to choose lint from the dryer to produce paper mache or recycled paper or compostable seed plots.

  1. Old Socks and T-shirts

You can use old socks to organize small toys, paper clips, and screws in a convenient location. Make sure to put old socks on shoes before doing a messy task, such as painting. Moreover, these will help you to prevent mess because of your shoes. Give these socks to your repairman or maintenance man for different tasks.

If you have an old jersey or t-shirts of your husband, you can use them to pay homage. Sew these tees into one pillow or through the in a crate of your pet. These can be useful to wrap breakables and clean rags. Remember, you may get appreciation from your husband for recycling his old shirts.

  1. Bathroom Items

You can recycle old toothbrushes to clean narrow areas, such as underneath the fittings on faucets and grout. Old toothbrushes can be great to brush your eyebrows. Moreover, you can use them to apply color or clean electronics.

These are suitable to clean hard or delicate items. Empty tubes of toothpaste may be used as funnels after cutting their bottom. Feel free to use them as a frosting tube to ice cakes. Empty bottles of deodorant can be perfect for filling with homemade deodorants.

  1. Old Furniture and Broken Dishes

Repair or refinish your old furniture instead of tossing it. Feel free to disassemble or re-purpose a broke piece of furniture. You can reuse its wood to create new items. Drawers can become shadowboxes, bulletin boards or shelves.

Moreover, broken retile to outdoor china tables, paths, and flower pots can become a fantastic border for the garden. Use a broken china dish to make jewelry or key fobs. If you have old coffee mugs, you can use them to plant small flowers and plants.


Remember, you can decrease your ecological footprint with some ingenuity. Use your creativity to create clever items for household use. Feel free to create decorations or reuse old bottles, jugs, and mugs.

There are different ways to save money, such as a plastic bag of cereal that can be used to wrap sandwiches. Moreover, use plastic bags in a trash bin or use them as waste bags for your pet. You can recycle shower curtains as a windshield. Use them in your car to cover the metal windshield frame.

It is easy to cut these curtains according to your vehicle. With these small pieces, you will get protection from sunlight. In short, your creativity will help you to recycle your household items and save money.