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Hit & Miss

Hit & Miss
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High concept and ambitious, Hit and Miss follows Mia (Sevigny), a contract killer with a secret: she's a pre-op transsexual. Mia's life is sent into a tailspin when she receives a letter from an ex-girlfriend dying from cancer revealing that Mia fathered a son eleven years ago. Faced with a difficult decision, Mia becomes the guardian to a new family, a choice that forces her to mix her killer instincts with her newly acquired maternal ones. Hit and Miss tells the story of a lethal killer at the heart of a troubled family and how all of their lives will be dramatically changed forever

Título original Hit & Miss
Año: 2012
Género: Drama
Director: Paul Abbott
Elenco: Jonas Armstrong, Vincent Regan, Chloë Sevigny, Reece Noi, Peter Wight, Ben Crompton.
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